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The Mission Statement

The Office for Supplier Diversity works with businesses owned by women, BIPOC, and disabled individuals, and with other underserved businesses, to facilitate their integration into the University supply chain. By providing support to underserved local businesses and connecting them with University purchasers, the Office for Supplier Diversity leverages the University’s resources to build powerful economic partnerships in our communities.


Supplier Diversity Expo Testimonials

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Supplier Diversity Expo Testimonials

Dave Bice, President, Bald Eagle Erectors, Inc.

Top 5 Reasons to attend


Top 5 reasons I always attend the U of M Supplier Diversity Expo.

  1. This is one of the best networking events of the year where I can meet face to face with buyers from the U of M as well as get to find out what new projects are coming up to bid in the coming year.
  2. I am a sub-contractor, I get to meet/reconnect with the General Contractors I work with and General Contractors who I haven’t worked for.  Meeting face to face and reconnecting with the General Contractors put you on their mind when they are bidding work.  Need to remember, people work with people they know.
  3. I get to connect with my peers to find out what they have been up to and how their year is going.  It is always good to catch up with colleagues and learn from their experiences.
  4. I meet up with and talk to my competitors to hear their struggles and successes.  Networking with your competition is good and being able to partner with them is beneficial also.
  5. It is always great to meet new people, hear their success stories and get out of the office for a day.  Networking is the most important part of business, in my opinion.”

University of Minnesota Purchasing Category Manager

Benefits of attending


“I encourage University Employees to invest time participating in the annual University of Minnesota Supplier Diversity Expo.  By attending, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Insights on local suppliers who can meet the needs of your projects and departments
  • Understand industry trends for he items and services you purchase
  • Support the University’s outreach and diversity initiatives
  • Network with other University Employees”

Clifton Boyd Jr., President, B& L Supply Inc.

Great Networking Event


“The U of Mn Expo over the years has been a great networking event for both the Women/Minority Firms as well as the major Corporate Firms too.  In our daily business of having the opportunity to meet with decision makers & buyers from other organizations is the key to doing business.

We have used this opportunity to gain access into accounts that we have been trying to do business with for a long period of tie.  Our success rate is well over 70% after attending the Expo as a networking event!

I would strongly suggest that you consider attending the Expo so that you can form your own opinions and relationships.”

University of Minnesota Contract Administration

Unique gathering of community and University representatives


“The Expo is a unique gathering of community entrepreneurs and University representatives.  I love seeing the possibilities of connecting to our external community and supporting Targeted Businesses.  You do not know, who you don’t know, until you go!”

McGough Construction

Sponsorship Benefits


“As a platinum sponsor of the U of M’s Supplier Diversity Expo for the last several years, McGough highly anticipates attending this event.  First, it allows us to connect with previously unknown TGBs who are interested in doing business with the University and its vendors while allowing for reconnecting with valuable, current TGB partners and their representatives.  Sharing industry and project information, particularly during the busy season, is critical to our outreach strategy.  Additionally, this event provides McGough’s leadership and staff a chance to connect with U of M CPM members, purchasing agents and OBCED personnel.  It is a solid opportunity for us to develop new – and deepen existing – relationships within the U.  Building relationships is what McGough is all about.”

2023 Supplier Diversity Expo Recap

Read and catch up on all of the award winners, vendor tables and much more at the 2023 Supplier Diversity Expo Recap Link below!

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