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Whether you are looking for a diverse business or drafting an RFP, the Office for Supplier Diversity has got you covered!

Making a Purchase

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Making a Purchase

University Purchasing Policies and Processes

Review Purchasing Services' policies and processes prior to making a purchase -


Finding Targeted Suppliers in U Market

Learn how to identify and search for Targeted Suppliers in U Market

  • Targeted Suppliers are businesses owned and operated by people of color, Indigenous people, women, and people with disabilities. The University of Minnesota makes a concerted effort to have these suppliers' products and services available for purchase both on and off U Market. 


  • Targeted Suppliers offer competitively priced products and with your purchase, you leverage the buying power of the U of M to support underrepresented business owners. In selecting Targeted Suppliers, your departmental purchases have a real impact that contributes to the economic growth, development, and prosperity of the communities in which we live and work.


Find More Information on the U Market Targeted Suppliers Page -

Using the TGB directory to find vendors to solicit

Search Filters

  • Search for Keywords, Product or Services, and many more to see what is to offer. 
TGB Directory Filters

TGB Classification

  • Looking through the directory, you will be able to see which classification each business is real time. 
TGB Classification areas on the Directory

Downloadable Certifications

  • Using the TGB Directory makes reporting a breeze with everything you need on each vendors page. Download a business's
    • First Certification
    • Second Certification
    • Capability Statement
TGB Vendor Page Example with Arrow pointing to certification

Adding New Suppliers to EFS and Trirega

New suppliers who have never done business with the University of Minnesota must first be added to EFS and/or Trirega using the forms below. 

If you are U of M staff and working with a diverse supplier, the Office for Supplier Diversity can fill out these forms for you. Please contact us at [email protected] to request assistance.

Drafting an RFP

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Drafting an RFP

Tips to write an RFP that encourages participation by small and diverse businesses

- Be clear! Use plain language whenever possible.

- Extend the time the RFP will be posted. Allow RFPs to be posted for longer to give small businesses with fewer resources more time to put together a proposal or to connect with prime bidders for subcontracting opportunities.

- Similarly, allow more time between when RFP questions are answered and the RFP due date. Smaller businesses often need more time to revise their proposals after their questions are answered.

- Include a budget or budget range. This allows small businesses to be realistic about their chances. Businesses can avoid wasting their time and wasting U staff time reviewing proposals that are a no-go from the start due to misalignments in budget.

- Limit what is required in a proposal. When the proposal requirements are too complex or paperwork-heavy, small businesses may not find it worth doing and avoid bidding.

- Consider "unbundling" larger projects into smaller ones that small businesses can better compete on.

- Avoid being too strict on asking for specific products/services and allow equivalents to be used when possible.

- Invite TGBs to bid. Many are in MBid already, but some are not. Help to expand the University’s pool of potential vendors by reaching out to the Office for Supplier Diversity for new TGB vendors to invite. 

Learn more about why supplier diversity is important and how you can get involved by inviting the Office for Supplier Diversity to present to your team!  Email your request to [email protected].