Arway Bags

274 Cesar Chavez St
St. Paul, MN 55107
United States

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Marit Woods

AR-WAY..."Mua Nah"( KRU Language) translates as: Beautiful...."It's Me". The ARWAY Bags experience started in 2018, however, ARWAY has been inspiring sustainable economic driven endeavors through collaboration with young artistic Liberians since 2015. ARWAY uses Art as a vehicle for social change. The sole objective is to engage Liberian youth in the Art sector; thereby encouraging collaboration with Liberian Artists to create appealing products. The end goal is to create beneficial economic opportunities for all involve while enhancing skills.

ARWAY bags are made from the finest West African Ankara and cow/sheep hide (leather), to ensure durability. We handpick cloths, skins, and wood that make our bags and accessories unique. Since the beginning of time Africans live of the land, we cannot stray from tradition, but find means of helping our tribes keep with tradition. Thus, we buy skins directly from local hunters, contributing to their livelihoods. We strive to use materials produced locally or recycled when feasible.

ARWAY produces luxury treasures that brings out the beautiful in you! 

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Black - Minority Owned Business
Woman Owned Business
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