Blackbird Revolt LLC

929 PORTLAND AVE # 1909
Minneapolis, MN 55404
United States

Contact Name
Janelle Moses

What makes Blackbird Revolt unique to the design industry is its focus on social justice our thoughtfulness to whole communities in our work We seek to challenge the status quo and provide a platform for diverse voices that may have been excluded from the dominant narrative. By providing creative services to a variety of organizations nationwide, we aim to help our clients build consumer confidence, increase sales, and attract new business opportunities. Our firms dedication to creating powerful and meaningful visuals that inspire and empower its target audience sets it apart from other design agencies. Additionally, Blackbird Revolt's commitment to making a positive impact on communities and connecting with individuals, organizations, and companies who share its passion for social change makes it a unique and socially conscious player in the design industry.

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Black - Minority Owned Business
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Printing and Graphic Design Services
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