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Lisa Tabor

CultureBrokers supports clients in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. We provide guidance and tools for transformative change. Our tailored Diamond Inclusiveness System helps you build an inclusive culture that gets meaningful positive results for all groups, with a focus on those that have been traditionally marginalized. We understand the complexities of the nonprofit and public sectors and collaborate closely to drive equity. Together, we co-create solutions aligned with your mission. We emphasize measurement and accountability, helping you track progress and make data-driven decisions. By integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into your strategic planning, you can drive better outcomes and community engagement. We partner with you to embed diversity and inclusion, fostering an inclusive culture for equitable opportunities. Mid-sized nonprofits, cities, and government agencies can be drivers of change for an inclusive society. The Diamond Inclusiveness System offers expertise, guidance, and support for navigating complexity and fostering an inclusive future. Let's build a more equitable world together.

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