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We are a digital accessibility consulting group, founded and operated by digital experts who live with disabilities.

OUR DISABILITIES ARE YOUR ACCESSIBILITY: Living with a disability that impacts digital experience is a legal bone fide requirement of our accessibility job roles.

OUR TEAM: Accessibility Specialists, who conduct our manual accessibility audits, coach and train our clients to create accessibly, and apply their own accessibility remedies.  Certified Testers who participate in our remote disability-focused usability testing from their homes.  Our teams live with cognitive, hearing, mobility and sight related disabilities that impact their digital experience.

SERVICE OVERVIEW: Manual Accessibility Audits, Disability-Focused Usability Testing, WeCollege E-Learning (WCAG and accessibility techniques) on-demand, live group accessibility and sensitivity training, remediation QA coaching sessions and other customized consulting services.

National Organization on Disability Leading Disability Employer 
each year since our first application in 2019

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