The Human Of Color Haircare

910 1st Street S
United States

Contact Name
Tianna Thompson

The Human of Color hair care is a Plant-based hair care line that caters to the textured and curly head community. We provide moisture retention, shine, and stimulating growth, throughout our complete product line at every step of the stage.

When you hold a bottle of The Human Of Color product, you’re holding something that STANDS for something, Social justice, Equal opportunity, and closure of the financial gap among the Black community working hard to keep recycling our dollars. Products that are plant-derived, natural, and organic are created by a textured-headed woman who knows the needs of her customers. The Human Of Color Haircare is made to support the needs of all our textured and curly-headed ladies and men. Products that serve Moisture Retention, Shine, and Growth.

The Human Of Color Haircare goal is to support the black community (textured and curly-headed) and to provide us with something we know is really ours

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Minority Owned Business - Black
Woman Owned Business
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