Joi Unlimited

1041 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105
United States

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Dr. Joi Lewis

Joi Unlimited was birthed in 2013 from a call to address historic and present day trauma, particularly around racial justice and Black liberation.

Dr. Joi Lewis saw a real opportunity to center issues of Radical Self-Care and Healing Justice as a model to reclaim our humanity and deeply connect to community. The creation of Joi Unlimited was a liberating act; a Black woman building a business around radical self-care at a time when historical expectations framed Black women as taking care of everyone else first. (According to Pew Research, in 2020, Black or African American people accounted for only 3% of all US firms classifiable by the race and ethnicity of their owners and only 37% of majority Black- or African American-owned businesses in 2020 were owned by Black women.)

Over the last ten years and through speaking, facilitation, group coaching, and course offerings, Dr. Joi has used the Orange Method (OM), sharing its four principles of meditation (getting grounded), mindfulness (getting present), emotional liberation (getting free), and conscious movement (getting moving) to bring healing and radical self-care to those who need it most and their co-conspirators.

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Minority Owned Business - Black
Woman Owned Business
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Health and Wellness
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