Mazone Real Estate Group

5500 Woodstock Ave
Golden Valley, MN 55422
United States

Contact Name
Denise Mazone

Mazone Real Estate Group is a dynamic and innovative minority-owned real estate firm dedicated to providing comprehensive real estate solutions. With a commitment to excellence, integrity, and community development, Mazone Real Estate Group brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry.

Core Competencies:

1. Real Estate Services:

• Commercial and Residential Real Estate Sales and Leasing

• Property Management and Maintenance

• Real Estate Development and Investment

2. Market Expertise:

• In-depth knowledge of local real estate markets

• Proven track record in property valuation and market analysis

3. Community Engagement:

• Active involvement in community development initiatives

• Commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in real estate

4. Technology Integration:

• Utilization of cutting-edge technology for property marketing and management

• Implementation of innovative solutions for enhanced customer experience

Past Performance:

Mazone Real Estate Group has a successful history of delivering high-quality real estate services

to a diverse range of clients, including Hennepin County, SRF Consulting and Metropolitan

Council. Our team's expertise in navigating complex real estate transactions has consistently

resulted in client satisfaction and project success.

University of Minnesota Contracting:

As a minority-owned business, Mazone Real Estate Group is enthusiastic about the opportunity

to collaborate with the University of Minnesota. Our team is well-equipped to provide tailored

real estate solutions that align with the university's goals and values. We are dedicated to

fostering a positive and mutually beneficial partnership.


Mazone Real Estate Group holds the following certifications:

• Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

• Cert Certified

• Minority Women Owned

• Section 3

Contact Information:

For inquiries regarding our capabilities or to discuss potential collaborations, please contact:

Denise M. Mazone, Broker/Realtist

[email protected]


Owner TGB Classification
Black - Minority Owned Business
Business Category
Goods and Services
Products or Services Provided
Real Estate
Certification Agency
Central Certification (CERT) Program
Certificate Expiration