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Contact Name
Mitchell Davis Jr


The MDavis Consulting LLC, established in May 2017, is a consulting firm that partners with leaders in government, business, education and nonprofits sectors to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities. Core competencies lie in professional services/technical services (strategic planning & consulting, policy development, public facilitative engagement) that creates a more equitable, healthy, and just community.


Education: Business Administration, Health Administration, and short-term Interim Executive (rapid deployment of top senior executives and managers to help organizations navigate crucial changes, leadership gaps or operational upgrades). Length of interim assignment is usually a few months to a year.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Respect for the individual
  • Diversity
  • Clients Come First
  • Strategic Perspective
  • Value Delivered Partnership
  • Expanding the Art of the Possible
  • Social Impact

History and Strengths

Recognized as a passionate change-maker and relentless strategic innovator. Throughout my professional career, I have demonstrated radical and inclusive solutions to the community’s most urgent needs.

My experience includes the programmatic combination of workforce development, policy advocacy, and technical assistance (leadership, program development & management, grant administration, community engagement, cultural competency, and strategic planning)


PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - Our Consulting Services Include:

  • Organizational capacity building
  • Organizational, Community and Self-Assessments
  • Strategic and Program Planning
  • Process Assessment and Improvement
  • Leadership and Workforce Engagement
  • Asset Mapping and Outcome Reporting
  • Leadership and Soft Skills Organizational Training
  • Job Training and Workforce Development Programming
  • Organization Development and Capacity Building Training
  • Program Administration and Continuous Improvement
  • Teambuilding and Best Practice Teaming Skill Development

I have highlighted two (2) technical assistance areas to give an overview of my capabilities (action strategic planning and grant management).

Technical Assistance Action Strategic Planning

I lead meetings and events, coordinate projects, design and implement organizational plans. Past collaborative projects include the Minneapolis Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, Knutson Construction, Twin Cities Urban League and Turning Point Inc.

Action Strategic planning is the process of documenting and establishing the direction of organizations – by assessing both where you are and where you are going. A company’s strategic plan consists of it is:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Long-term goals
  • Action plans

Strategic business plan plays a pivotal role in organizational growth and success because it tells how to best respond to opportunities and challenges.

I am a HueLife LLC MToP apprentice and will graduate a year-long training and application program August 2023. With heightened conflict, adversity, and uncertainty globally, leaders are working smarter than ever to facilitate cultural shifts that require actions and change within ourselves and our internal systemic structures for success.

Organizations that engage MDavis Consulting LLC to provide action strategic planning will experience:

  1. Design for inclusive and equitable participation
  2. Ensure group commitment & resolve
  3. Create a realistic & achievable plan
  4. Inspire accountability in the group
  5. Plan with implementation in mind

Technical Assistance Grant management

Grant management is the processes and methods organizations go through to oversee grants. It encompasses every part of a grant’s lifecycle, from pre-award research through post-award grant closeout. When a grant award is accepted, the implementation of the project begins on a specific date, and then the grantee manages the grant from both a programmatic and a financial standpoint until the final date of the grant award period.

Outlined below are six types of grants that require management with my experience shown in italicized type.    

  1. Capital Grants that are generally for endowment, building, equipment, or construction.
  2. General operating grants that are for the everyday operations of an organization (10 years’ experience).
  3. Program/project grants that are for a specific activity or plan within an organization that are usually time limited (15 years’ experience).
  4. Start-up grants that cover the costs of starting a new project or organization (8 years’ experience).
  5. Technical assistance grants that support an organization’s development or infrastructure needs (15 years’ experience).
  6. Planning grants that support the planning stages of a future project (5 years’ experience).

My team teaches grant management classes and I managed over $10 million grant funds at the MN Department of Health, as a former Director for the Office of Minority and Multicultural Health. Also, past clients include MN Department of Human Services and the Virgin Island University. Currently, I am a federal reviewer for Health and Human Services, US Government.


Agile – become faster, more flexible, and intensely customer focused.

Operations – how much better, faster, or smarter could you do what you do?

People and Organization – Improve performance by ensuring your people can deliver on your strategy.

Procurement – reduce your cost base. Sustain the gains. Repeat.

Strategy – Sustain value creators.

Sustainability & Responsibility – embed principles that become a source of ongoing and increasing value.

I work with numerous business owners and contract with subcontractors and/or utilize the subcontractor teaming model. In other words, I have the flexibility to bring on experienced business owners, based on the project and client needs.















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