Moxy Analytics

4571 168th St W
Lakeville, MN 55044
United States

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Serena Roberts

Moxy Analytics helps companies enable thriving data cultures where everyone is equipped with the knowledge and tools to ask better questions and get better, faster answers. Data culture enablement is a strategic effort to enable data-informed decision-making as a core shared value throughout an organization, and in our experience you need six components to be successful;  data literacy, data visualization, specialized support, data governance and data management operations, technology, and last but not least a killer strategy to bring it all together.

As female data leaders, we’re not afraid to show our rebel roots. We’ve seen  how the status quo breeds dependencies on consultants just so clients can get through the day, and how it leaves brilliant, hardworking people with less than they deserve. We believe there’s a better way for clients and employees alike and we’ll take risks to prove it.

Things we do:

Data Literacy

  • Data Literacy Assessments

  • Applied Data Literacy Programs

  • Internal Community Building

  • Content Development

  • Train-the-Trainer

Data Governance & Manage

  • Coaching & Advisory Services

  • Agile Data Governance Kickstart

  • Data Management & Quality

  • Data Governance Literacy

Data Visualization

  • Dashboard Design & Development

  • Data Wrangling

  • Conceptual Data Modeling

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Dashboard Design Standards


  • Tool Evaluation & Assessment

  • Proof of Concepts

  • User Adoption Measurement

  • RFP Assistance 

Specialized Support

  • Tableau Lifeline

  • Fractional Data Hero

  • Tableau & Power BI Training
  • 1:1 Coaching 

  • Documentation


  • Strategic Assessments

  • Strategic Roadmaps

  • Analytics Maturity Assessments

  • Fractional Chief Data Officer

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Woman Owned Business
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