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Student loans: a rare opportunity to support physician wellness and to help deliver the best care

Navigate can help your physicians take back control of their student loans—and their lives. We specialize in student debt repayment for physicians. We’ve worked with thousands healthcare providers since 2009. And with our help, most people can reduce their student loan debt by between $40K and $400K.

Physicians today shoulder unbelievable responsibility and face pressure from all angles. For your organization, a small change at a leverage point—like student debt—can create real results. You can support physician wellness and resiliency by offering support for student debt management.

Our process is simple:

  • In an appointment by phone and computer, we assess the provider’s student loan repayment plan.
  • If everything is set up correctly and on track, we’ll give the provider a high five and send them off to celebrate.
  • If we see ways to save money, we develop a simple, step-by-step plan to help the provider gain control of his or her student loans. We know all the nuances to consider and the pitfalls to avoid. Our custom-built calculator analyzes multiple scenarios at once, and the results clearly lay out which repayment plan is the best.
  • The provider makes the changes with his or her loan servicer or financial institution—with our help if they need it. It’s as simple as that.
  • From then on, we’re always in their corner. If he or she receives a confusing letter from the loan servicer two years down the road? No problem. We’ll jump on the phone with them and the loan servicer to resolve any issues—for no additional cost.

Medical Wellness Matters More Than Ever

Physicians and other health care providers are in high demand in a competitive job market. They receive multiple job offers, and the ongoing physician shortage only increases the hiring fever. Turnover rates rise every year. Meanwhile, for some physicians, job satisfaction continues to decline.

Research shows that debt can provoke symptoms of depression, cause borrowers to delay major life decisions such as starting a family, and even influence career choices. Borrowers describe feeling depressed, overwhelmed, alone, frustrated, and even cynical because of their student loans. The stress compounds when loan companies make mistakes and physicians meet unexpected roadblocks to Public Service Loan Forgiveness.  

Navigate Flips the Script on Student Debt. To learn more, reach out to us today: [email protected] or 

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