Netcessity LLC

7750 Maryland Ave
St Louis, MO 63105
United States

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Tanya Bryant

Have you ever hit the brakes and everything in your passenger seat hits the floor!? The Netcessity Seat Caddy is the original, patented seat caddy designed to keep loose items in the passenger seat from falling to the floor when you hit the brakes, and allows you to stay focused on the road, driving worry-free. It’s expandable to restrain large items or small items; and versatile to adjust to multiple heights on the seat to hold tall items. Use it on the front, second and third-row split seats.

Staff and students of the University will benefit greatly from the convenience and safety of the Netcessity Seat Caddy in their university vehicles as well as their personal vehicles. 

Our Story

We are three women: mom and two daughters, who invented a unique car organizer accessory, with an added benefit of driver safety.

Born of a daily aggravation of everything in the passenger seat falling to the floor whenever you hit the brakes, we were sure there had to be a smart way to prevent this from happening. We knew EVERYBODY experienced this! So, we invented the perfect solution: the Netcessity Seat Caddy, a cargo net for the passenger seat. Now everything you put there stays there!

While we were developing, trialing, and redesigning, we discovered an added benefit: driver safety! The National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that loose items in cars can become projectile (and sometimes deadly) during an accident and contribute to over 13,000 injuries per year! That’s when we knew we were not only solving a common problem but could also influence safer driving habits! The Netcessity Seat Caddy not only keeps items from toppling from the passenger seat, but also reduces distracted driving which results from taking your eyes off the road or your hand off the wheel to prevent them from falling!


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Black - Minority Owned Business
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