Netcessity LLC

7750 Maryland Ave
St Louis, MO 63105
United States

Contact Name
Tanya Bryant

Netcessity LLC is owned by three women (mother and 2 daughters) who invented the Netcessity Seat Caddy (or car net organizer). The Seat Caddy was designed to enhance driver safety by securing items placed in the passenger seat from falling to the floor when braking or turning a corner.  This activity usually causes the driver to become distracted from driving and may result in an accident. We believe the university can use this organizer (which can be logoed with the school logo) as a promotional item in the school store to express and promote staff/student driving safety. It can also be used for university staff vehicles to encourage driving safety. 

We are a small business with the flexibility to respond quickly, and easily meet your needs, and we have the resources to provide seamless, exceptional customer service. 

Owner TGB Classification
Black - Minority Owned Business
Woman Owned Business
Business Category
Goods and Services
Products or Services Provided
Promotional Items
Certification Agency
Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
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