Northstar Maintenance Management Inc. DBA®

2475 Maplewood Drive
St. Paul, MN 55109
United States

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Sarah Peterson

Northstar Maintenance Management Inc. DBA,  was established in 2009. As a leader in food service and commercial cleaning in the Twin Cities, and as a women owner and CEO, I became well versed in the amount of waste that could be found in overfilled trash containers and local landfills. It was very easy to see a looming problem in our daily lives. A natural progression occurred for me a decade later in expanding my offerings to include compostable food service packaging, cutlery, storage products, bio-plastic straws, cold cups, hot cups all the way down to the trash can liners themselves. This expansion made perfect sense with having a passion to help with the overall waste and landfill problem. My company now supplies several nationwide food & hospitality corporations and venues big and small.  Alongside these offerings I bring an educational background, and a desire to make a difference. I am now committed to further promoting & inspiring the reduction of landfill usage, implementation of zero waste venues and last but not least, helping support food scarp programs big or small throughout various communities.

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Woman Owned Business
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Goods and Services
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Catering and Food Services
Janitorial Supplies and Services
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Central Certification (CERT) Program
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