Pharmacare USA LLC

8823A East Research Center Road
New Hope, MN 55428
United States

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Ahmed Osman

Corner drugstores, once widespread in large cities, are disappearing from many areas of the country, leaving an estimated 41 million Americans without easy access to pharmacies.

Pharmaceutical wholesalers are a critical part of the drug supply chain and distribute most prescription drugs in the United States.

As pharmacists and small business owners, we noticed that wholesalers were significantly influencing the purchase and distribution of prescription drugs by setting generic drug prices.

We also noticed that a lack of transparency and visibility in wholesale distribution was making it challenging for independent retail pharmacies to operate in rural and underserved communities.

We set out to make a difference by helping small underserved partners procure thousands of healthcare products from a secure supply chain, at competitive prices, and on a secure and transparent platform.

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Black - Minority Owned Business
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Health and Wellness
Lab and Hospital Supply
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