Master your Mac and your Mac OS


If you just started using a mac computer or have recently switched from Windows to Mac OS X on an Apple MacBook or iMac, the differences between the two operating systems might seem confusing, frustrating and even a bit overwhelming at first. This course is for you. It will help you understand the different functionality of the operating system.

What you'll learn

  1. You will know how to work in the easiest and most efficient ways to get things done in Mac OS
  2. Understand the difference between mac operating system and windows operating system
  3. Utilize all the tools that your Mac is loaded with already
  4. Keep your MacOS organized and running at the full potential without clutter
  5. Understand how iPhone, iPad and mac communicate


  • A Mac computer, i.e., either a Apple MacBook or iMac.
  • All you need to know is, how to turn your Apple Mac On/Off, launch specific applications like Safari web browser, etc.