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OSD Coffee Chat | Fake It Until You Fall Apart: Culture-Building Stress Management


Too many employees are trying desperately to fake it until they make it, only to fall apart! Often our company resources and Employee Assistance Programs remove stressed and hurting employees from the workplace environment to “get better”. This leaves the need to make our workplace environments healthier unaddressed. In this session, Dr. Sunitha Chandy, Founder of Artesian Collaborative, will discuss integrating employee wellness initiatives with corporate DEIB and culture-building initiatives to promote engagement and productivity.

Addressing the health of the organizational system in addition to the health of the individual ensures that gains in employee wellness translate into gains for the company's bottom line.

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Dr. Sunitha Chandy, PsyD is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Founder of Artesian Collaborative who has worked with diverse people and communities for more than 20 years. She aims to equip people with skills to tap into their resources during painful and tense situations. A 2023 Enterprising Women of the Year Award Honoree and a Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses, WBDC Scale Higher, and Top Shelf Alumni, Dr. Chandy has worked with Fortune 100 companies, Small Businesses, NGOs, and Non-profits. Her expertise in developmental psychology, cross-cultural engagement, and high-risk populations in her clinical work has equipped her to aid teams, even those with intense conflict, to come to a place of shared understanding and engagement. Dr. Chandy believes that understanding our identities, cultural context and unique situations is vital to achieving effective and sustainable growth. With this framework, through therapy, consulting, and training she enables people to care for themselves, their workplaces, and communities authentically so that everyone can thrive.

Artesian Collaborative is a comprehensive mental health organization that translates psychological sciences into skills that create healthy leaders and workplace communities. They transform how systems function, enabling companies to actualize their values by bringing skills and health into their organizations to build a culture that supports their employees and processes. Through corporate training, consultation, and coaching services facilitated by mental health professionals, Artesian Collaborative guides teams through tension equipping them to break down the walls that hold back innovation so all employees can thrive.

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