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OSD Lunch Chat | The Forgotten Energy of Play in the Workplace


As adults, we often feel immense pressure to be taken seriously or to not have emotional reactions when in the workplace. This leads to a lack of play mentality, which can directly influence creativity, joy, and sustaining peer-to-peer relationships. In this chat led by Tawn Williams, Founder & Owner of House of Anaya, a workplace wellness firm, we'll discover how the energy of play can open doorways to effective communication, trust and loyalty amongst peers, leaders, and team members.

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About the presenter:

Tawn Williams is a distinguished wellness consultant, speaker, and CEO of House of Anaya, focusing on leadership development and holistic wellness experiences. With over 20 years in the field, she has collaborated with international teams from Intel, Avnet, and BRP, emphasizing inclusive and holistic corporate wellness strategies. Breaking traditional barriers, Tawn's innovative approach integrates wellness into corporate culture for enhanced accessibility and engagement, leading to more emotionally balanced teams. Her programs address comprehensive well-being aspects, including physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health, while promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Based in Milwaukee, WI, Tawn and her fiance also co-own a coffee shop in Green Bay and Appleton, WI. 

About House of Anaya:

House of Anaya, a wellness consulting firm, takes a people-first approach, specializing in identifying gaps in team dynamics and fostering connection for optimal results. A certified woman-owned business,  House of Anaya offers retreat planning, wellness concierge services, and DEIA through the wellness lens, all tailored to your goals, budget and timeline. 

About the Office for Supplier Diversity:

The Office for Supplier Diversity (OSD) works with businesses owned by women, BIPOC, and disabled individuals, and with other underserved businesses, to facilitate their integration into the University supply chain. By providing support to underserved local businesses and connecting them with University purchasers, the Office for Supplier Diversity leverages the University’s resources to build powerful economic partnerships in our communities.

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