Program in Health Disparities Research (PHDR)

This funding helps foster long-term relationships between community-based nonprofit organizations and the University of Minnesota. It supports work that reduces or eliminates health disparities within socially and economically challenged communities or communities of color.

Organizations with an interest in health disparities research are eligible for funding. Proposed research projects must address a public health issue that has been identified by a community or community-based nonprofit organization.

Priority Is Given to Applications that Involve

  • A health disparity topic considered to be important to a community
  • Collaborations among multiple community-based nonprofit organizations and/or populations
  • Equal partnership between both co-principal investigators and respective organizations
  • A community engagement component
  • Specifics of how research results will be used to address health disparities in the community
  • Sustainable and/or long-term support from other funding sources

Recipients of Health Disparities Research Projects are selected by the Program in Health Disparities Research with input from the University of Minnesota’s Office for Business & Community Economic Development.

Application Details

To apply for a CHI Research Grant and for more information, please call the Office for Business & Community Economic Development at 612-624-0530 or visit the PHDR Pilot Grant page.