Tianna Thompson pictured with her hair care products

OSD Coffee Chat | Creating a Culture of Belonging on Campus Through Diverse Hair Care


Join Tianna Thompson, founder and owner of The Human Of Color Haircare, as she tells the story behind her business. Tianna will also share how she's collaborated with institutions like the College of St. Catherine, St. Olaf College, and University of Oregon to nurture health, wellness, and self-esteem among diverse students, both prospective and current. Come discover how other higher ed institutions are creating a culture of belonging on campus by celebrating diversity in beauty -- and championing confidence -- one strand at a time.

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About the Entrepreneur:

Tianna Thompson, a California native who recently moved to Minnesota, is the founder and creator of The Human of Color Haircare. Her business is personal. Growing up as a young African-American girl, Tianna did not understand her hair, did not know how to take care of it, and did not see the worth in her beauty. She ended up covering up her hair, as she did not understand the beauty of the Crown that she possessed.

As Tianna grew older and started embracing herself as a African-American woman, she began showing her true self, which included wearing her hair in its natural state. This was not just a simple change, but the beginning of a journey that transformed her identity and sense of self-worth.

The Human of Color Hair Care does not just speak to an individual person, but to a whole community of individuals who understand there are many definitions of beauty, and are fighting for that acceptance in society. With every bottle that you hold, you're holding something that represents something bigger than just a product, but a movement in self-esteem, health and wellness among the curly and textured hair community. 

About the Office for Supplier Diversity:

The Office for Supplier Diversity (OSD) works with businesses owned by women, BIPOC, and disabled individuals, and with other underserved businesses, to facilitate their integration into the University supply chain. By providing support to underserved local businesses and connecting them with University purchasers, the Office for Supplier Diversity leverages the University’s resources to build powerful economic partnerships in our communities.

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