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To receive a computer from the Technology Empowerment Center (TEC), you must meet the income requirement listed below:

  • Be a permanent resident of the United States
  • Meet the income requirements
  • Complete the Application[DJ2]
  • Fulfill TEC’s Basic Computer Course Program:
    • New User Tutorial (Offered during Open Lab)
    • Basic & Computer Skills Course (Offered during Open Lab)
    • Typing and Computer Basics
    • Email and the Internet
    • Google Drive
  • Provide proof of address and income in person at TEC
  • Pay the $50 software licensing fee

After you have completed the requirements and the Computer Application, you will be able to purchase and pick up a computer through TEC. All computer pickup appointment must be scheduled in advance. Please note: if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, you must call to reschedule.


If you do not meet the income guidelines or are a nonprofit or small business, you can purchase a computer at a very low cost.

For those who fall under the income guidelines and may be receiving government assistance, proof of income must be provided for the entire household and includes the following:

  • MFIP Benefits Statement
  • General Assistance (GA) Benefits Statement
  • The prior year’s State, Federal or tribal tax return
  • Three consecutive months’ worth of income statements from an employer or paycheck stubs within the current calendar year.
  • A Veteran’s Administration Statement of Benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Social Security Statement
  • An Unemployment/Workmen’s Compensation Statement of Benefits
  • Federal or Tribal notice letter of participation in General Assistance
  • Class enrollment for college-bound students

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Note: We only allow ONE computer per household