TEC Computer Class Descriptions

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  • Clean Up and Speed Up Your Computer
    Learn how to remove programs, manage the space on your computer, speed up your browsing, and more.
  • Microsoft Excel: Basics
    Excel spreadsheets allow you to easily store, organize and modify data. Learn the basics of Excel (such as inserting text, basic formulas, AutoFill, and more) by creating a personal budget.
  • Computer Basics: Email
    Learn how to send and receive emails, navigate your inbox, and practice downloading and attaching files.
  • Computer Basics: Getting Started
    Learn the basics of using a computer and practice using a mouse. No computer experience is required.
  • Computer Basics: Internet
    Learn how to use a browser to access the internet and use Google to find information on the internet.
  • Computer Basics: Saving and Finding Files
    Learn how your computer is organized, including files and folders, and discover how to find what you're looking for.
  • Microsoft Word: Advanced
    Learn how to use the Mail Merge Wizard to personalize letters and envelopes. You’ll also learn how to insert images and proofread like a pro with the Track Changes feature. Intermediate Word skills required.
  • Microsoft Word: Basics
    Learn how to create and edit a document with Microsoft Word. You'll learn basic formatting options like how to bold text, adjust line spacing and change the page alignment.
  • Microsoft Word: Intermediate
    Microsoft Word has many tools that make working on long documents a snap. Learn about styles, headers, footers, page numbers, and tables. Basic Word skills required.
  • Resumes
    Whether you already have a resume or need to start from scratch, learn how to create a professional-looking resume using basic and advanced formatting tools.

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